SUN Wifi Hub, Wifi to RF Converter

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Quick Overview

- WIFi to RF Converter
- Integrates all Sun Devices into a Smart Phone app.
- It comes with US plug to connect directly to receptacle.
- Download "Easy Lighting" or "EasyHome" smart phone app to install WIFI Hub to Local Wifi Connection.
- EasyLighting is used for Strictly Lighting control and it can control up to 8 zones. This app is very simple to use, and has the best user interface.
- EasyHome allows the user to integrate more than just Lighting.


SUN Wifi Hub integrates all SUN devices into a system that can be controlled by a smart phone. It simple adapts to the needs of automation, and opens a new world for the user. There are 2 different smart phone apps that can work with our SUN Wifi Hub. Both apps are user friendly, and they have their own advantage.

Additional Information

Input Voltage DC12/24V
Output Voltage DC12/24V
IP Rating IP20
Warranty 1 year
CE Compliance YES
ROHS Compliance YES
Connection Screws

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