Module Amplifier for Single Color LED Strips

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Product Code: E01LYCT009


Quick Overview

- Amplifies any single color signal.
- Works with any 12 or 24 VDC power supply.
- Output load not to exceed 6A in total (3A per channel).


In some situations, the lighting system will require more power than the controller is able to handle. For those situations, the amplifier will give you the option to increase the power load of the system. This product is used to conserved the same setting of the RGB Controllers, so it just amplifies the siganl of the master RGB Controller.



General Characteristics
Input Voltage DC12/24V
Output Voltage DC12/24V
Power Consumption Up to 24W in DC12V, 48W in DC24V
Warranty 1 year
CE Compliance YES
ROHS Compliance YES
IP Rating IP20
Controllable By RGB Controller
Connection Wires

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