Our Mission

We strive to reduce traditional energy consumption by expanding the use of alternative energy sources. With many innovative energy-efficient systems, our approach is to share them with any individuals seeking improvement in their system at affordable pricing. Keeping up to date with the latest and more efficient systems or products should not be out of reach, and that is what we are accomplishing at Ecopowertech.

Our Vision

Through our dedication to quality, both in our products and our services, we work to maintain our status as leaders in the alternative energy industry, meeting and exceeding world-class standards.

Our Values

  • When it comes to our company’s operations, complete customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal; one we will continue to meet as our business grows.

  • In order to achieve and surpass not only our own standards, but those of global industry organizations, we research, develop and manufacture products using materials of the highest quality while maintaining a competitive pricing schedule.

  • We work with our clients throughout each step of the transition process – from selecting the right solution for their project to aiding with product installation.

  • We acknowledge and appreciate the opinions and commentaries of our customers and strive to address any concerns in order to better serve our clients.

  • We are dedicated to preserving our planet and will continue to make efforts to decrease energy consumption while making the move to an ecologically conscious alternative