Lighting Assessment

As the improvements in lighting technologies become available, our duty is to educate you to realize all the benefits it will bring to your company. When looking for a place to reduce your monthly costs efficiently, lowering your lighting consumption is one of the most common steps to take. However, reducing the lighting consumption is the one improvement that will have the fastest return of investment.

Our team will help you identify the lighting replacements your business needs, and this will only depend on your current budget. For instance, we will show you the potential savings you will have by changing your current lighting layout to LED. To help us better assist you, we will need to gather some information about your current lighting layout which will include lamp quantities, existing lighting technologies, lamp types,current working hours, and other info is needed. This information is vital to understand your current lighting consumption which will be compared to an updated LED Lighting system. As you get to know more about our financial plan available, you will soon understand that replacing inefficient lamps to LED hasn't been more convenient now that it can all be accomplish with little or zero down payment.

What can we offer?

  • Property Lighting Evaluation
  • Photometrics
  • Proposal for a improved lighting system with considerable energy savings
  • 40-50 years up-to-date inspection
  • Return of Investment Analysis