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With the introduction of the LED lighting products to South Florida, Ecopowertech was established and soon became a dependable source of reliable products and support to individuals and companies seeking for lighting solutions to the complexity of the new lighting projects. As LED professionals, many of our products are guaranteed to pursuit a high level of quality, and to comply with the national electrical code, and strict regulations imposed by the UL standards. Not only you will save time and avoid problems by consulting with us, but using the right products will allow you to move on the the next projects with a clean state of mind.

Residential Projects

Working on a family home, town house or apartment, guiding you to the right products while offering the technical support you need for installation is what makes us one of the best choices in South Florida for residential applications. We do also offer electrical components directly related to lighting such as new construction or remodeling housings for high hats, and a diverse selection of trims. Additionally, Ecopowertech is distributor of Adorne Collection by LEGRAND which allow us to offer a distinctive collective design for those out-of-date electrical components such as light switch, dimmers, receptacles, GFCI and wall plates that scream to be changed for a more elegant look. The Adorne Collection offers you a variety of unique designs by letting you choose from a vast collection of different finishes that will do a perfect fit to your walls. Our support is not limited to the interior areas of the property as we also offer landscaping products to illuminate the gardens.

Commercial & Industrial Projects

We strive to help developing businesses seeking for a solution to their lighting needs. There are more than enough reasons to take the next step and change your current lighting system to LED. LED excels in most aspects compared to older existing technologies such as halogen, incandescent, fluorescent, and HID, providing notable energy savings up to 50%. If you are the business owner, or the individual working on a commercial project, we will provide the help needed. Projects ranging from parking lots areas, warehouse, offices, street lights, architectural lighting, educational lighting, hospitality to restaurant are some of the type of projects that Ecopowertech has intervene successfully.

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